Please respect my rights as a designer, and the rights of all designers! I make patterns to share with you, and I don't mind if you cut and paste and make yourself a copy of the pattern for your own personal use, or click the link and get the pdf, again, for your own personal use. And of course you can sell anything you make one at a time using my patterns, unless you're a manufacturer. Then we need to talk... But I do mind if you take my pattern, or any part of it, and sell it or distribute it in any way, including for free, even if you pay for a copy of a pattern, you can't share it. That's stealing. Designers make their living creating patterns and working for weeks or months to perfect them, then working for hours and hours to take pictures and create pdfs. Don't steal our patterns. Do it the right way and share links to our website or our pages. Thanks in advance.

Pieces Of String Too Short To Use (POSTS2U)

Keep a notebook handy to jot ideas and keep track of patterns, hooks and details. I have several old WIPs that will probably never be finished because I didn't keep a record of anything and I've forgotten pattern names, needle sizes, yarn used, finished size, etc. WRITE IT DOWN!




I can't decide which I love more, so I do both. Yarn is everywhere, ideas and designs keep me awake at night, and WIPs rule! The only time i can keep to one project is when I have a serious deadline, like a birthday or that baby shower that is (gulp!) tomorrow. I have been knitting, crocheting, and designing for about 50 years. Enjoy my website, my patterns, and my yarns!

Debra Ashkar, Ohio, USA 

"KnitCrochetLove" @  Our group is "Knit, Crochet, Love!" on facebook

Take time to knit/crochet every day.

Free Patterns, Paid Patterns, Yarn, Ideas, Tips, Tales & Tangles from a Bi-Stitchual Designer

Crafting is good for the body and the brain! (Like you didn't know that already!) Read the article on the Craft Yarn Council's website, so you'll have ammo for your next "discussion" about the size of ​your stash!

My doctor said I needed more fiber in my diet, so a couple times a week I go buy more yarn! 


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