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 (Knitted-in-the-round Two-Color Mitts)

Materials Needed: Size 8 Circular Needles, 32” or longer if you’re going to use Magic Loop (M-L), or 2-16” if you’re going to use 2 circs, or size 8 dpns.  Two mitts can be knitted simultaneously using the M-L method, just switch the yarns for the second mitt, using CC instead of MC and MC instead of CC.

Less than 1 ounce or 30 grams each color of worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Orange and Blue, for my friend Laura who is obsessed with the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Choose your favorite team colors.

Using a long tail cast on and MC, cast on 40 sts (MgcLp: 20 sts ea side; dpns: distribute 13-13-14). (If making two at a time, Cast on 20 sts with MC, cast on 20 sts with CC, pull out a length of the cord, turn your needle, cast on 20 sts of CC, cast on 20 sts of MC, adjust your needles to begin knitting.)


(c) 2014, 2015 Debra Ashkar, KnitCrochetLove! All rights reserved.

Rows 1-6: (You will be joining to knit in the round) K1, P1 rib.

Row 7: Attach CC,* (K1 with MC, P1 with CC), repeat * around.

Rows 8-10: Repeat row 7. 

Row 11: *(Yo with CC, K2 with MC, Pass CC Yo over 2 MC sts), repeat around.

Row 12: K around with MC, carrying CC along by floating the stitches behind every other st on the wrong side. (To float the CC yarn, insert the right needle into the stitch you are about to knit, wrap the CC yarn counterclockwise around the tip of the right needle, wrap the MC yarn clockwise around the tip of the right needle, UN-wrap the CC yarn clock wise, and knit the stitch with the MC that is already wrapped on the tip of the right needle. This catches the CC on the back of the stitch but is not visible from the front. To knit this stitch on the next row, knit through the back loops to avoid twisting the stitch.)

Rows 13 to 18: Repeat rows 11 and 12, 3 times.

Row 19: *(K2 with MC, K2 with CC) around.

Row 20-21: repeat row 19, 2 times.

Row 22:* (K1 with MC, K1 with MC, floating  CC), repeat * 1 time. Using e-wrap cast on, cast on 6 sts with CC. Cast OFF 8 sts with MC. Floating CC, cast off 1 more st. Repeat * around to last st, K1 with MC.

Row 23: *(K1 with MC, K1 with CC), repeat *around.  (dpns: re-distribute sts, 12, 12, 13)

Row 24: *(K1 with CC, K1 with MC), repeat * around.

Rows 25 to 28: Repeat rows 23 and 24, 2 times.

Row 29: With MC, *(K1, K1 and float CC), repeat * around. Cut CC.

Rows 30-36: With MC, (K1, P1) rib.

Cast off all sts. Cut yarn and Weave in ends.

If you used Magic Loop, you’re done!

If you used dpns, make second mitt, switching the colors. 

© Debra Ashkar, KnitCrochetLove, 2015. All rights reserved.