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Tell Them of Us (2014)

I am so proud to have been a part of the making of this incredible piece of film! 

A friend, Julie Speed, approached me about knitting for the film. I'm so glad she did! It was a wonderful experience and I'm proud to watch the film and see my knitting and crocheting... though I admit it's very hard not to keep shouting, "I made that!" as we are watching.

It was filmed in the UK by Nick Loven and Wagscreen, which is a non-profit organization that produces excellent historically-accurate films. Pauline Loven is their costumier. She is an expert at painstakingly choosing dress for the films. She got the crazy notion that the film would be more authentic if all the knitted items could be handmade. (Of course, crochet items are always handmade, as crochet cannot be duplicated by a machine.)  All the patterns used were one hundred or more years old. The patterns I used for the soldiers' socks were 4 different patterns I found, dated from 1861 to 1895. Hundreds of volunteers joined the knitting army and I'm glad I enlisted! 

DVD cover designed by Judith Brodnicki

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