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TIPS: Make Your Own Dress Form

​Get a large pillow. with a zipper,  that measures LARGER than the body you want to duplicate. So if you want to make a dress form that is a size 38 (measured under the arms and around the chest, but above the full of the bustline), you want to find a pillow that is at least 40" around (a 20" - 24" pillow is good). Put the zipper at the bottom (the hips). Stuff it SOLID with any kind of fabric, towels and old sheets are good. News paper is handy, but don't use it! This will make​ it too difficult to cinch in with tape.

Use duct tape or packing tape to cinch it to the right size bust (measured under the arms and under the bust) and waist (smallest part) and hips. Add a bra and stuff it until it’s the correct measurement (across the fullest part of the bust). Tape it to make it smaller if you have to. Measure from the shoulder down to the fullest part of bust (on yourself) and adjust the straps of the bra to put the bustline in the right place. 

​Cover with a stretchy t-shirt to make it smooth. Now you have a stand-in body double model to try garments on as you knit/crochet, so you can make a perfect garment every time.​

​I couldn't try the garments on as I made them, because the actress is smaller than I am. I was making a crocheted waistcoat, and if I made it too small... useless for the film, and if I made it too large, well, how do you take in crochet? Can you seam it on a sewing machine? Well, maybe... but then it would be all lumpy.... better to make it fit perfectly and a dress form is just the way to do that.