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(c) 2014, 2015 Debra Ashkar, KnitCrochetLove! All rights reserved.

Crochet - Winter's Armor Cabled Scarf

Materials Needed: Caron One Pound in Soft Grey Mix. I didn’t use the whole pound on this scarf, I also made the matching hat and still have a ball big enough for another small project. If you buy the pounder, you will not run out! I estimate that I used about ¾ of the pound.

The right side, top left, and the wrong side, bottom right. The wrong side looks good, too!

​US size H (5.0mm) Crochet hook.

Stitches  & terms used:

ch = Chain;

sc = single crochet;

dc = double crochet;

acr = across;

rep = repeat;

tbl = through the back loop;  

fptc = front post treble crochet;

bptc = back post treble crochet;

fpsc = front post single crochet;

tfl = through the front loop;

sl st = slip stitch;

&T = and turn;